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High speed food bag making machine

Performance And Characteristics:
It is a high speed equipment developed on the base of HD-400 Automatic Paper Food Bag Making Machine through our diligence. It is an ideal machine for producing food bags like bread bags, KFC bags and McDonald’s bags.
It suits all kinds of paper 40-80g
It controls bag length through the human-machine interface
Its PLC system is for calculating parameters
It is equipped with an accurate photocell system and has the function of Color-Marking Tracking
1) Basic weigh: 30-100 g/m2
2) Bag length: 200-380mm
3) Bag width: 50-250mm,
4) Speed of making bag: 200-300pcs/min
5) Power: 6Kw
6) Total weight: 1500kg
7) Machine dimensions: 6000 x 1400 x 1300mm

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