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Paper yarn cement bag making machine

Model WFD-650W sack-making machines are the latest products. They are successfully developed on the basis of our original sack-making experience with incorporation of the advanced technical information, both domestic and foreign, and the results of our research work. We have simplified many complex matching machines like “circle loom”, plastic injection machine”, “complex plastic film machine”, “printing machine” etc. formerly used as mecessary equipment in production. We have accomplished the work of arranging wrap, and weft yarns in order by automation, taking paper, gluing, temperature controlling, double-color printing, holepricking, Margin folding, sack-cutting, counting and many other functions by automation. We are pioneering in both China and abroad in making a machine sew both the bottom of the sack and also glue the bottom of the sack. The superiorities of our product are as follow they occupy, the minimum floor space. They need less electricity consumption and fewer operations. It is quick to install our products and for the operators to master the technology. The noise produced by our machine is low, their laboring strength, also low. Their working environments is clean and quiet. In addition, to manufacturing compound cement packing sacks of vinylon soluble yarn. Our machines can also manufacture all kinds of packing particle materials of agricultural and side-line products, chemical products and mineral products.

Speed of Bag-making: 10-32pcs/min
Bag rinds: bottom-sewing bags and bottom-gluing bags
Bag length: unlimited
Bag width:350-650mm
side folding: Max 150mm (Bags of specifications can order to produce)

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